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Facebook Advertising does NOT work!

I’m truly fed up with facebook advertising, it DOESN’T work!! This is now the THIRD time we organised events through facebook, countless people say they will attend, none actually show! It’s a bloody joke!

Everyone must think its some virtual event they are saying YES too… To give you an example;
more than 20 people said they would attend, none did.

OK, I also just discovered that the link for the event is only accessible by me, or maybe when logged in, not sure!?!?

Have a look at the two screen shots below, take note of the URL, pretty much the same in each browser, only difference being is that in one I’m logged in, and the other I’m logged out. Pretty bad usability from facebook, you would expect to be able to copy and paste a URL and send it someone else to share, if they need to be logged in to view that should be the message, not a 404… Facebook sucks…

Facebook event logged in

Facebook event  same URL but logged out

What I do know is, I’m done wasting my time organising something through facebook unless it’s something people actually don’t have to physically show up for

June 22, 2010 at 12:49 am 4 comments

Leading Business Directory

Back in 2007 we launched as one of the first Australian business directories that had separated their products and services from a business listing, an advertiser could actually write about their business on their business listing, write about their product on their product listing and so on. We also were one of the first to make our listings optimized and available to Google, others like Yellow Pages wanted to keep all the information within the domain itself.

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Facebook advertising

We’ve been advertising online on¬†facebook for a while and have been seriously disappointed with the results so far. Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing the same results?

Taking the web statistics for this month
20 visits
Avg. time on site: 00:00:00
100% new visits
100% bounce rate

Nowhere else in our statistics have we got a bounce rate of 100% or average time on site of zero, and I mean nowhere. It almost feels as if these are automated visits.

Would love to hear from others out there using facebook for advertising?

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