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March 13, 2013 at 11:16 pm 7 comments

I’ve always been pretty happy with Ebay, until I actually had to be able to contact them and get a reply from them…..

I purchased a pair of Nike Overpass sunglasses from bestbrandsbay (Raul Townsend) which never arrived, and although the order was only US $88.98, it’s the principle of the way Fred Townsend townsendfernando@yahoo.com / townsendfernando@yahoo.com has left me hanging, and I will not give up on this till he has corrected the huge mistake he made of double crossing me.

How did he double cross me you ask?
Well, first of I’m sure you must have some issues with this person or eBay as well, otherwise you would probably not have ended up here through Google 🙂 Let me summarize this for you, and let me point out I’m not only unhappy with Fred but also with eBay.

  1. on December 11th 2012 I placed the order for “NEW NIKE OVERPASS MAX OPTICS EVO SUNGLASSES BLACK/BLACK-GREAT FOR SPORTS !!!” on eBay and paid via PayPal
  2. on January 10th 2013 I notified him that I had not received the item, in summary he said “be patient”
  3. on January 31st 2013 I notified him that I had still not received the item, I asked for a refund, the response was that I could pick another pair which he would send right away
  4. I picked a new pair
  5. on February 2nd 2013 he confirmed with “I will ship them with priority so you should be getting them within 7-10 days. Thanks”
  6. on February 12th 2013 I notified him that I still had not received the new item he supposedly would have sent and that I was about to file a complaint, his response was “Please be patient. Sometimes it takes longer for international delivery. Thanks”
  7. on February 26th 2013 I sent “Fred, I’ve now waited long enough don’t you think, it’s time for a refund so we can put this matter to rest. thank you”, to which he replied “Yes. Im sorry. I was waiting to see if I would get them back. I will send you a refund on Friday when We do all refunds. Thanks for you patience.”
  8. I replied “Mate, not waiting anymore, ordered glasses from ebay before, got them within 7days, it’s now been 3 months and you keep saying wait, wait wait, only option left is; you refund the money today or tomorrow I file a complaint.”
  9. I did not file a complaint (but should have) waited to hear back from him and on March 5th he replied “for some reason Im can’t send you a refund. Please send me a “money request” for the amount you paid (minus the shipping fees)”
  10. Note that he failed to include an email address to which I could make a money request via Paypal, also note that he already had my email address and could have send the refund
  11. I then send several messages asking for his email address, since then he stopped replying

Please note, I only just found his email address after doing more research, however, I doubt it very much that he would refund the money. Plus at this stage I’ve wasted so much time that I feel he owes me more than the $88.98. Furthermore, how could I know what email address to use since he has a few, it should have been included in the message had he really wanted me to make a money request.

Following is part of the guarantee he makes on eBay.

“Please be patient because we do have our “100% Satisfaction guarantee or your money back” Policy, so if you dont get your item(s) within that time frame, we will send you a new one or give you a full refund. Check check our feedback http://feedback.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?LeaveFeedbackShow&useridfrom=benooi.fleur.777&useridto=bestbrandsbay&item=400378631178&transactid=215840124027

Communication with eBay
On February 16th I sent the following to eBay to which till this day I have not received a reply on (eBay’s statement “Generally we will reply within 24 hours”)

“Seller keeps responding with “wait, it will come”, obviously the seller knew that lodging a case would expire after some time as you guys don’t allow me to open a case or leave feedback for this item. Never received the item, have contacted seller several times, I have his responses saying it will be mailed. I asked for refund several times, only offered sending it again. I’ve now wasted so much time on this, I really want this resolved ASAP and the money refunded. Am very unhappy with the Ebay system as well that it only allows a certain amount of time to open a case and after that makes it almost impossible to do something about it.”

I was not able to follow eBay complaints system as my item had already gone past expiry date in which you can lodge a complaint about it, leave feedback or report it as not received.


* File your complaints right away, do not wait, even when the seller asks you to

* Leave negative feedback right away, let the seller sort it out later

* File your “Item Not Received” right away, do not let it go over 60 days

Until eBay improves their system, this is what I suggest to not be scammed out of your money, let eBay and the seller waste their time, not you.

Please note, Fred Townsend also owns the domain BESTBRANDSBAY.COM

APT 1140
SAN JOSE, CA 95123-1061

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  • 1. Australian Search Engine  |  March 24, 2013 at 10:16 pm

    So I never received any reply from eBay and the scammer still has not sent me the replacement pair or refunded my money.

    I don’t easily let things like this rest even if it’s going to cost me more money, so I opened another account and purchased another item from the scammer so I could leave negative feedback for him.

    He said he was going to report me to eBay, I said “go ahead” that way they’ll get in touch with me and I can finally tell them about the situation. I was wrong, eBay just takes the side of the seller and blocked my new account, sent me a notification about it, but obviously from an email address you can’t reply to.

    “Please don’t reply to this message. It was sent from an address that doesn’t accept incoming email.”

    So, my next step will be to open up a few more accounts and do the same thing, but this time don’t let him know it’s me.


  • 2. Australian Search Engine  |  April 1, 2013 at 9:38 pm

    UPDATE: I’ve received four emails from ebay so far in regards to unrelated matters and replied to those with a link to this post and asking them to reply and solve this matter. The last email I got from them is asking for $3 I owe for listing some products on their site. Obviously I will not be paying the $3 until they sort out this issue or at least communicate with me in regards to it, in fact, for all I care they close the whole account, I’m just about done with ebay.


  • 3. Australian Search Engine  |  April 2, 2013 at 10:52 am

    Got a reply to my email, yeahhhhhh, oooh, sorry, it’s actually an automated email reply or a reply from someone who actually does not read my email.
    Hello eBay Member,

    Thank you for writing us in regards to your concern.

    On reviewing your account, I confirm there is an outstanding balance of
    AU $3.00. Please know that the attachment has been deleted. If you are
    concerned about the fees, please get back to us with the item details.
    We look forward for the payment as you are a valuable asset for our

    For your information, you can use any of the following methods to pay
    your eBay fees:

    No, I had no concern in regards to my outstanding balance, I was asking you to read the emails I sent you in regards to the issues I have with your service and some of the sellers you allow to operate……


  • 4. Taco Fleur  |  April 8, 2013 at 9:31 pm

    Got another reminder to pay and I replied with my fifth message to Ebay.

    Please go here for a detailed reason of non payment.
    The above issue should be fixed before you ask me money.


  • 5. Australian Search Engine  |  April 14, 2013 at 11:25 pm

    Sent my sixth email to Ebay today still with no reply.


  • 6. ebaywatcher  |  May 31, 2013 at 6:15 am

    Stop lying about the ebay seller!. I have bought from him several items and everything has gone fine. He has over 7,000 positive feedback vs only 26 negatives. The postal service probably lost your order and you are making a big deal about it. Next time, oay retail price for the item and stop complaining.



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