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IIS Log Importer – MS SQL

Looking for a way to import your IIS W3C format logs into MS SQL?

Microsoft has a utility available that makes the import very easy. The tool can be downloaded from

To run the import, run the program after download and install, this will open up a command prompt, at the command prompt is where you give it the commands for the import, following is an example;

 LogParser “SELECT * INTO webLog FROM ex020111.log” -i:W3C -o:SQL -server: -database:yourDatabaseName -driver:”SQL Server” -username:yourSQLUsername -password:yourSQLPassword -createTable:ON 

Running the above command will create a new table in your database with all the entries from the log file. Once it is in your database you can move it to another table, from where you can work with the data.

January 28, 2008 at 3:53 am 4 comments

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