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Normally I would never write a heading like this, but after 6 years (SIX YEARS) of trying to claim my Adsense Earnings and trying to speak to a real person at Google, I have had enough, perhaps this will get the attention of someone at Google, and maybe then will I get paid the hundreds of dollars owed.

Frustrated with GoogleI’ll try and quickly summarise a very very long story as short as possible with many details missing of trying to make contact (assume at least 4 times a year for past 6 years) and I promise to try and refrain from using anymore bad language or the actual words I would like to use to describe the frustration I’m experiencing just about every 3 months when I decide I want to try and claim the money from Google for which I worked hard for.


Google Adsense Changes

I was running Google Adsense on my websites which I had invested a lot of time setting up and running, I was making a good income with it. It was all running smooth, I could just leave it alone as it ran itself at some stage. After a considerable initial investment of time I would just get the cheque in the mail every month or so and then cash it. I then had to take a break from IT for a while and when I came back many months later, and not finding any cheques in the mail anymore while going through my emails I found that they had changed something and I had to take some kind of action (this is back in 2009), admittedly, I did not take the action as I sort of forgot about the email and got busy with other things, my bad!


Lost Email/Username For Adsense and Contacting Google

Then I sold the domain that I had signed up with for Adsense, but I still had access to the Adsense login with the email address from that domain. I tried to change it, but like anything with Google, you can never ever contact them for a problem, even if you do get through by some magic way, you do not get a reply, EVER, well, not human anyway. Yes I tried looking through all the help files and follow the instructions, but somehow they did not work for my account. Just a quick note before you think “another dumb person who can’t read or understand instructions”, I’ve been in the IT for over 25 years, I’m a programmer and have created extremely complex websites, I’m mentioning this to make you understand that I understand instructions, can follow them and even get creative trying other ways, but no luck changing it.


Verifying Google Adsense Username

Then all of a sudden I could not login anymore at all, seems that they had been sending emails to the email address of which I did not own the domain anymore, then they asked for some verification which also went haywire. So I completely lost access to the account, but there are hundreds of dollars still in there that have never been paid out. I have tried contacting Google many times, filling out forms etc. but those forms always have some kind of information that they check before allowing submission or before sending it to a real person. Frustrated with GoogleTake today for example, I was happy to find an email from Adsense saying that there are new changes, the subject of the email was “Sunset of old payment transaction history in your AdSense account“, I was hoping there would somehow be a link somewhere to submit some problem with payment, I did find something to Request check reissue, so I completed all my details, email, adsense publisher id etc and try to cram some of the information about the actual issue in the “Other” text fields that allow 30 characters, then it does not let me submit without supplying a valid cheque number, which I don’t have because I’m trying to use this form to submit my issue which relates to not being able to contact Google for over 6 years and claiming my money, then I fiddle with the cheque number to get the form submitted, yeah finally, it’s submitted, moment later I get the usual automated reply from the dreaded with the automated reply of

Tits on a bull“Thanks for taking the time to send us your request.

In order to assist your query we’ve searched our system, but unfortunately, we weren’t able to find the check you requested to stop with the information that you’ve provided.”

which is as helpful as tits on a bull, so again ending up nowhere getting to speak to someone about an issue for which they have no form, an issue for which they have not accounted for with their logic.


Frustrated with GoogleClaim Youtube Earning And Youtube Earning Scamming

My Youtube earning had also been accumulating for a while, nothing major like the websites, but still it was getting up there, finally in 2015 I was able to change the Publisher Id for my Youtube account and then I got paid. But I’m wondering how they calculated the payment of A$269.42 as my lifetime earnings is $791.20 for which I’ve never been paid for previously. But I’m not even going to try talking to anyone about it and waste my time, I’ll probably never see the remaining $500.

Adsense Publish Id – Adsense Email

Here is the email I referred to above.


We are sending this email to let you know that on 13 May 2009, changed the form of payment associated with

your AdSense account. If you have any questions about this change,

please contact directly.

To review your form of payment, please follow these steps:

– Log in to your AdSense account at

– Visit the My Account tab

– check the Payment Details section for your payment type

To review or update your Users With Access list, please visit the

Account Access page, under the My Account tab. Please be aware that

Google AdSense is unable to mediate access disputes between users.

Yours sincerely,

The Google AdSense Team


Your AdSense publisher ID: pub-9141141067723781.

This message was sent from a notification-only email address that does

not accept incoming email. Please do not reply to this message. For

questions or to contact us, please visit the AdSense Help Centre:



Google Illegal Practises

Any other company operating in Australia would have been fined for making it this difficult to make contact and claim what is rightfully owned. Hey, I understand that they cannot make it easy to be contacted, I fully understand why, but not being able to be contacted at all, come on, this is screaming for a lawsuit.

Frustrated with Google

If you’re as frustrated as me trying to contact Google please share this page and leave a comment below.

Frustrated with Google

April 18, 2015 at 5:28 am 2 comments

The Story Behind

I thought it be time to write about the that’s been going around, why it was created and how it got distributed.

Continue Reading March 5, 2010 at 12:32 am 1 comment

Removal from Google’s Index

OK, today was total panic mode when I logged in to my Google Webmaster Tools, here is was, a message from Google saying they were going to remove a website I work on from the index because its been hacked. So I go around the office “We’ve been hacked!”, everyone working on this now

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Google Ranking

We were in panic mode for the last two weeks, as we basically dropped completely from Googles search results. This was after doing some tweaking of the site for SEO.

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Why pay, when Google is free?

Why would anyone want to pay to be in a Business Directory when Google is free?

This is a question we get asked often. Our response is simple:

  • there is no control on what is indexed in Google, your page might not be indexed
  • there is no control over what information from the page is shown in the search results
  • there is no control on what keywords you are found on
  • there is no control over how many pages are indexed in Google
  • if you are indexed, you are fighting for first place with the rest of your industry, and maybe even the rest of Australia or worse yet, the rest of the world
  • if you’re a small or start-up business, you’ll be disadvantaged because your results in Google also depend on things like how many websites link to yours
  • how many times have you clicked on Google results and found they’re not relevant to your local search?

We create the pages so that Google can be used as an additional entry into the business listings. Not only can potential buyers find your listings on clickfind, but also in Google and other search engines. Have a look at our marketing diagram to see how Google comes into play

Add your business to a business directory

February 22, 2008 at 10:53 pm Leave a comment

Google Base Australia

Are you looking for Google Base Australia? Look no further!

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Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools is one of the things you can’t do without if you run a website. It’s an excellent tool for webmasters who do not have any other access to their log file and check for 404 or other errors.

It also allows you to see how Google crawls and indexes your site, learn about problems Google is having accessing your site, allows you to remove pages from Google.

And most importantly it allows you to see what search queries were performed to get to your site from Google.

Here at clickfind we also make use of the Google Sitemap and keep it up-to-date every week. Check out the Google Webmaster Tools for yourself.

January 21, 2008 at 5:29 am 1 comment

Australian Search Engines – Which are The Best?

There are quite a few Australian Search Engines in operation today, and it’s difficult to choose the best. In case you did not know: A search engine (a.k.a. SE) is not a directory. Directories like Yahoo! or Dmoz (the directory that Google uses) are collections of links to websites reviewed and edited by human beings like you and me.

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ColdFusion CFC for Google Base

We’ve created a ColdFusion CFC that interacts with Google Base. We’ve decided to make the code freely available to all on

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Google Gadget Top 50 search engine keywords

We’ve just written our first Google Gadget. Nothing fancy, needs some major styling, but it’s nice to see it work, and it was so easy to do.

Continue Reading January 2, 2008 at 3:39 am 3 comments

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