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Giving small businesses a big presence online

In today’s busy online world, it’s getting harder for businesses to stand out from the crowd. Clickfind is an Australian website that is helping small businesses do just that.

How? By making its business listings available to Google and other search engines, Clickfind has expanded its service well beyond that of a business directory. Businesses listed on clickfind are within reach of a wider range of Internet users, not just those who use the clickfind website.  These users are not casual web surfers either; they are actively looking for products and services provided by Aussie businesses. So if a business has products and services listed on clickfind, they’ll have a better chance of being found on Google. Clickfind doesn’t just promote itself on Google; it promotes Australian businesses too.

Sounds like common sense, doesn’t it? Well, not all online directory services work that way.  Clickfind has again proven itself to be a milestone-setter in the industry. Established directory services like Yellow Pages used to exist as completely self-contained web directories. That was was fine when Yellow Pages were the definitive source for local businesses, but times have changed. After releasing a directory comparison and some press releases back in January 2008, Yellow Pages sat up, took notice and followed suit, opening up its listings to search engines. And why wouldn’t they? When you have the chance promote your customers’ services more widely, you owe it to them to do just that.

Optimising listings for better search engine (SEO) performance has been a decidedly good move for Clickfind. They had the instinct to build this in from the start, and are now reaping the rewards, receiving positive feedback from users and businesses alike. Numerous small business owners say they Google their business name and suburb, and find their Clickfind listing appears on page 1 of the Google search results even though they don’t have a website themselves!

To say that Clickfind provides good service is an understatement, having been recently nominated for awards such as the Fast Thinking Innovation Award and the Business Achiever Award.

October 4, 2008 at 8:59 pm 1 comment

Google Ranking

We were in panic mode for the last two weeks, as we basically dropped completely from Googles search results. This was after doing some tweaking of the site for SEO.

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SEO efforts paying off

The continuous SEO efforts from Pacific Fox are paying off, we are listed number 45 for the term “business directory” on
Saturday, 16 February

And number 41 for the term “search engine” on
Saturday, 16 February

Number 33 for the term “australian search engine” on
Saturday, 16 February

Number 28 for the term “australian business directory” on
Saturday, 16 February
Number 7 on Yahoo for the same term.

We are very pleased with these results after just 3 months of hard work.

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Search Engine SEO Tools

We’ve published a few new Search Engine SEO tools that can assist with;
– checking your keyword density
– suggesting search engine keywords
– show your link popularity
– display search engine position

The SEO tools can be found at:
– keyword density checker
– keyword suggestion tool
– link popularity tool
– search engine position checker

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List of SEO companies

We’re in the process of compiling a list of good Australian SEO companies.

The list will contain only SEO companies that have a listing with clickfind. 

The reason for this list is so that every SEO company can be contacted by other clickfind members to help them write good clickfind listings, and or help with improving their search engine ranking.

As an SEO company you can apply to be assessed for inclusion.

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New functionality released on clikfind: PageRank™, Alexa Ranking and more…

We’ve just completed some cool new functionality for our clickfind users who have a monthly subscription. (Well we think it’s cool anyway, and so should you 😉

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Australian Search Engines list – one way links

Everyone knows (or should know) that the best search engines and directories
are the ones that deliver fast, relevant results to search queries. But
which ones are the best to submit your website to to gain one way links?

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