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WordPress IIS7 IUSR File Permissions on Windows 2003

Been having some issues with WordPress on IIS7 windows 2003 for a while now and think I finally got it solved, thought I’d post the info here for others to see, as I had a hard time finding this info myself anywhere else, not even the WordPress website.

This is what I found after a lot of playing around, if you see any issues with this or have any feedback please let me know below.

On the wp-content folder I applied the following permissions.

– IUSR with following permissions

  • Traverse folder / execute file
  • List folder / read data
  • Read attributes
  • Read extended attributes
  • Create files / write data
  • Create folders / append data
  • Write attributes
  • Write extended attributes
  • Delete subfolders and files
  • Delete
  • Read permissions

I also have the following groups and users on there

  • Trustedinstaller
  • Administrators
  • Users

Here are the steps I followed

  • Right click wp-content
  • Properties
  • Security tab
  • Advanced button
  • Change permissions button
  • Add button
  • Advanced button
  • Find now button
  • Locate IUSR and double click
  • OK button
  • Check box Allow Full control
  • Uncheck the boxes; Full control, Take ownership, Change permissions
  • Click OK button
  • Check box “Replace all child object permissions with inheritable permissions from this object”
  • Click OK button
  • Click Yes when asked if you want to continue
  • Click OK button
  • Click OK button

I’m not making anything in the root writable, like wp-config etc. I change that manually or as a one off.

April 6, 2011 at 12:59 am 1 comment

cfhttp I/O Exception: peer not authenticated Error

cfhttp I/O Exception: peer not authenticated Error

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Twitter, Facebook Nofollow

Not sure if the comment will be posted or not, and not sure if I’m the only one who always walks away from a Matt Cutts video and ask myself “did I actually get any concrete information from that, did I learn anything at all?”….

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Gas Mask Training

Tried out our new Czech gas mask today for some lung conditioning, we also have to try stuff out before we offer it to our clients. There were a few times I felt pretty claustrophobic and wanted to rip the gas mask of my face, but I made it through the 8 minute round alive and kicking. I will be doing this more to get in better shape!

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Removal from Google’s Index

OK, today was total panic mode when I logged in to my Google Webmaster Tools, here is was, a message from Google saying they were going to remove a website I work on from the index because its been hacked. So I go around the office “We’ve been hacked!”, everyone working on this now

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Add social bookmarking links to your WordPress blog without a plug-in

If you want to add social bookmarking links to your WordPress blog just simply paste the following HTML in your post and it will allow users to post your blog post to facebook, twitter, digg, reddit etc.

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The ‘Go Card’ – Translink miserable failure and waste of money

I hear the bus driver say “you cannot pay cash!” to the passenger in front of me, I quickly jump in thinking I can explain to him that he is wrong, after all, I received an email from Translink several days ago and it’s not till 2010 that you can’t pay cash anymore! He wouldn’t hear of it, so I ask “do you mean to say we need to get off the bus because you don’t accept cash!?”

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Brisbane Copywriter

I’m looking to gather a resource of Brisbane Copywriters (copywriters based in Brisbane), if you know of anyone, or are a copywriter who is interested in being listed…

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Password Value as Text

I was working on a design the other day that only had text fields with no labels, the label was in the text field and would disappear when clicked on

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Personal Training Brisbane

As most of you probably know, I’m associated with Executive Results a health and fitness business based in Brisbane and have recently placed first for Brisbane’s Fittest 😉

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