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Turning Into a Caveman

Turning Into a Caveman.

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My Review of Throwdown Protector T-Shirt

Originally submitted at UFC Store

A shield to protect the wearerthis is what the Throwdown Protector T-Shirt offers up. Rules to live by: Honor and Respect. Virtue/Honor. The Throwdown Protector T-Shirt is armed and probably dangerous.

Threads hanging of it

By The TOUGH Spot from Brisbane, QLD on 1/11/2012


2out of 5

Fit: Feels true to size

Length: Feels true to length

Pros: Stylish, Great Colors

Cons: Threads hanging of it, Poor Quality

Describe Yourself: Career

Was this a gift?: No

Like the way it looks, just very unhappy with how the threads we’re lose and coming of more and more.


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iPhone error 1015 Recovery

OK, I’ve literally spend 3 days trying to recover my iPhone from an error 1015. I tried to remove the jail break from my phone and restore it to its original firmware etc. Nothing seemed to work, everytime I seemed to run into the dreaded 1015 error, only thing that did work was install another jail break on it. But I did not give up and finally found Fixrecovery OSX from and it worked like a charm. I got everything back on it after re-installing and upgrading my iPhone…. I hope this will save someone else a hell of a lot of time.

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Pacific Fox web directory

Just launched our new product Pacific Fox Business and Web Directory

Category listing looks like this

An actual listing looks like this

It has some great integration with social networks like facebook, twitter and other sources.

There is still lots of work to do on the directory, the data is currently based on several sources including ODP, but we are working towards creating a completely separately maintained data source that can be queried and managed via a Web Service. It costs to lists in the directory, however, the fee is very minimal and is basically there to make sure the listing is still active. People don’t notify a web directory when their business is closed down or the listing isn’t relevant for some other reason, which is why we charge a fee of less than $2 dollars a month simply to make sure the listings is active.

Flickr integration is not far away, and many other features will be added over time, including integration with We are also working towards setting up a approval system that is like ODP but improved, as the procedures currently in place are not working, people own categories but do not approve anything, don’t participate but also don’t allow others to. Open to partnerships in this area.

PS. the directory also uses our free social bookmarking links code from, the code is handy on WordPress where you don’t host the blog yourself.

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Leading Business Directory

Back in 2007 we launched as one of the first Australian business directories that had separated their products and services from a business listing, an advertiser could actually write about their business on their business listing, write about their product on their product listing and so on. We also were one of the first to make our listings optimized and available to Google, others like Yellow Pages wanted to keep all the information within the domain itself.

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32 seconds media – = Spammers

If you’re considering web design services from (32 seconds media) then please allow me to tell you that you will be dealing with spammers, these people have today spammed our directory, I was able to stop them in time and ban their IP, but a large portion of their spam came through unfortunately.

Anyone employing spamming tactics is shady, and I’d personally not employ anyone who evens considers spamming. In-fact, this is what I reckon.

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The Story Behind

I thought it be time to write about the that’s been going around, why it was created and how it got distributed.

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Brisbane Copywriter

I’m looking to gather a resource of Brisbane Copywriters (copywriters based in Brisbane), if you know of anyone, or are a copywriter who is interested in being listed…

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Facebook advertising

We’ve been advertising online on facebook for a while and have been seriously disappointed with the results so far. Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing the same results?

Taking the web statistics for this month
20 visits
Avg. time on site: 00:00:00
100% new visits
100% bounce rate

Nowhere else in our statistics have we got a bounce rate of 100% or average time on site of zero, and I mean nowhere. It almost feels as if these are automated visits.

Would love to hear from others out there using facebook for advertising?

April 15, 2009 at 9:38 pm Leave a comment

Content syndication

Are you looking to syndicate your content within Australia? Do you have a website that offers products or services for your clients? For example; computer hardware, software, removalist services, web design etc.

We can syndicate your content on the clickfind business directory, products and services search engine which has received more than 3 million views so far. All you need is a webservice to make your content available.

Contact us now for more information

March 28, 2009 at 10:36 pm Leave a comment

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