iPhone error 1015 Recovery

OK, I’ve literally spend 3 days trying to recover my iPhone from an error 1015. I tried to remove the jail break from my phone and restore it to its original firmware etc. Nothing seemed to work, everytime I seemed to run into the dreaded 1015 error, only thing that did work was install another jail break on it. But I did not give up and finally found Fixrecovery OSX from http://thefirmwareumbrella.blogspot.com/ and it worked like a charm. I got everything back on it after re-installing and upgrading my iPhone…. I hope this will save someone else a hell of a lot of time.


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WordPress IIS7 IUSR File Permissions on Windows 2003

Been having some issues with WordPress on IIS7 windows 2003 for a while now and think I finally got it solved, thought I’d post the info here for others to see, as I had a hard time finding this info myself anywhere else, not even the WordPress website.

This is what I found after a lot of playing around, if you see any issues with this or have any feedback please let me know below.

On the wp-content folder I applied the following permissions.

– IUSR with following permissions

  • Traverse folder / execute file
  • List folder / read data
  • Read attributes
  • Read extended attributes
  • Create files / write data
  • Create folders / append data
  • Write attributes
  • Write extended attributes
  • Delete subfolders and files
  • Delete
  • Read permissions

I also have the following groups and users on there

  • Trustedinstaller
  • Administrators
  • Users

Here are the steps I followed

  • Right click wp-content
  • Properties
  • Security tab
  • Advanced button
  • Change permissions button
  • Add button
  • Advanced button
  • Find now button
  • Locate IUSR and double click
  • OK button
  • Check box Allow Full control
  • Uncheck the boxes; Full control, Take ownership, Change permissions
  • Click OK button
  • Check box “Replace all child object permissions with inheritable permissions from this object”
  • Click OK button
  • Click Yes when asked if you want to continue
  • Click OK button
  • Click OK button

I’m not making anything in the root writable, like wp-config etc. I change that manually or as a one off.

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CF9.0.1 CFLOCATION onRequestEnd problems…

Quick heads up! This has caused me serious headache.

The way onRequestEnd works in ColdFusion 9.0.1 has changed, it now executes the onRequestend method in the application.cfc after a redirect… This can seriously mess up some code like it did mine.

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Show PHP errors

By default PHP does not show you the errors or debugging, you need to enable this in the config or add the following code to your page to display the PHP errors.

ini_set(‘display_errors’, ‘1’);

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cfhttp I/O Exception: peer not authenticated Error

cfhttp I/O Exception: peer not authenticated Error

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Replace tab in MS SQL

Replacing a tab with something else in MS SQL is easy peasy, following is the code

update [table name]
set [column name] = REPLACE( [column name], CHAR(9), ' ')

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Direct Debit Service Providers and Solutions

I asked around on Facebook the other day for any other Direct Debit Service Providers and Solutions and following is part of the conversation that followed. I’m posting this to give you some idea of what’s out there. and I will also have a follow up on the EzyPay experience soon.

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