Alan Swanwick

June 7, 2010 at 9:48 pm 4 comments

If you are looking for Alan Swanwick from MW Law, please let me first tell you about my experience with this character (it might change your mind).

Several months ago I had to deal with a solicitor from MWLaw (Alan Swanwick) and my experience is the absolute worst I have ever had in regards to promptness, courtesy and business manners. This guy really tops it all in my books.

He is supposed to take care of some legal matter for someone else that employs him; the person that employs him told me that he’d take care of the legal matter while away “Alan my solicitor will be handling the entire project now as time has beaten me. I have given him your details and I will give you his.

Alan Swanwick MW Law…03 9837 2111

He will take care of everything with you.”.

I called Alan as I did not hear from him, I was not aware that Alan was on holiday himself; his answering machine certainly did not tell me so. Or was he really on holiday? Could have been something you say when you are ashamed of the person not getting in touch, they did warn me “Alan is a hard man to get hold of” in other words he’s not much of a communications man.

Weeks of no responses, well… I did get one phone call from him to my wife, unfortunately my wife forgot that we left a message under her name with a business proposal, to see if he would return the call to that, which he did.

At this stage I was pretty frustrated as the matter was and still is of high importance to me (I’m talking sleepless nights, losing money important, which Alan was made aware off), in such a case you simply need a bit of info on where things are at, how long it will take etc., just the usual courtesy call one would expect in a case like this. I took things further with the people who hired him and pay him, again they apologized and assured Mr Alan Swanwick would work on the matter within the next day or so and would be in touch. But nothing again, I waited several weeks.

At this stage we are close to 2 months further down the track, still absolutely not one peep from Mr Alan Swanwick. I went back to the people paying him, they gave me him mobile number, you guessed it, no answer – ever. He was there, as he did reply to an SMS to 0438 608 823, the contents being:

“Sorry about communication problem. I’ll call you tomorrow and sort out what needs to be done, and I will either initiate it before my return or upon my return to the office on Monday.

Alan Swanwick”

Weeks go by, no phonecall, no update or anything.

A few more emails to and, SMSs and emails were sent by me, but nothing.

So at this stage the only thing I can do is make sure that anyone typing in “Alan Swanwick”, “MW Law” or mwlaw in google will find this experience first and think twice before putting their case in his hands.

Some other pages I found Alan Swanwick related to:

–    The Caveman Foundation (Director of The Caveman Foundation, Legal Department)

–    The Caveman Group

–  The GR8 M8TES

–    The Great Mates

I don’t know the guy personally, never met him or spoken to him, if I would not have had this experience with him I would have said, probably a good guy since he is involved with some good stuff. But unfortunately this experience that deals with something so important to me left such a bad taste in my mouth, I’m so bitter, I could almost say that I have developed a hatred for the guy.  I can’t seem to let go of this, so all I can do is write about it and make sure anyone searching for Mr Allan Swanwick or A Swanwick from MW Law or Caveman Group finds this and thinks twice before doing any business that involves him.

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  • 1. Brett Page  |  June 21, 2011 at 8:24 am

    Yes, I too have had a very negative experience with this guy. He seems to have a vitriolic hatred of police (or any lawful authority, for that matter) which can sometimes militate against effective advocacy. The best legal reps are those who can put their game face on for court, but not let personal prejudices colour their performance. Al doesn’t seem to have achieved this ability. My experience with him left me with the conclusion that I wouldn’t want him looking after me in a tough case.


  • 2. Don't Go There  |  September 2, 2012 at 7:16 am

    And be wary of the Caveman also – there’s one that promises the world and delivers little. No surprise these two are linked.


  • 3. Chris Jones  |  October 11, 2012 at 10:43 pm

    Well you wouldn’t be saying all this negative stuff if Alan saved your backsides like he’s saved so many. Some folks are really good when it counts, and not so gifted at the mundane admin side of things. Al takes great pride in winning, and winning isn’t always pretty.


    • 4. Australian Search Engine  |  October 11, 2012 at 11:09 pm

      Nothing mundane about it, cost me money and sleepless nights! Something that from his side could have easily been avoided.



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