Aussie innovation – it’s nothing new!

May 9, 2008 at 10:49 am Leave a comment

To coincide with the Australian Innovation Festival 2008 (26 April – 30 May), Australian search engine and business directory clickfind™ have launched a short inspirational video and competition promoting Australian innovation.


Statistics on patents and business growth demonstrate that Aussies are continuing to look for and come up with new ideas. In the financial year 2006-7, a total of 10,828 patent applications were filed by Australian residents, of which 957 were innovation patents (Source: IP Australia). In the same period, the number of businesses registered in Australia increased by 47,863 (Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics).


Investment in innovation is increasing too. In 2006-7, the Australian Government support for Industrial R&D reached $595.5 million and in the five years up to 2004-05, Australia’s business R&D expenditure grew at 11.5% a year. (Source:  The Australian Government’s Innovation Report 2006-7).


clickfind’s video is a quick run-through of Australian innovations over the last 150 years, showcasing Aussie ideas and inventions that have helped to change the world. It aims to inspire people to keep new ideas coming and to encourage them to turn their innovations into successful business ventures.


Backed by a soundtrack from Aussie band INXS, the video includes visual examples of ideas and inventions, from relatively simple products like the notepad or electric drill through to more recent medical advances like the bionic ear and cervical cancer vaccine. As the video can only provide a quick overview, an accompanying document lists these and other innovations in more detail.


clickfind™ are running a competition in conjunction with the video. Entrants can vote for their favourite innovation, for the chance to win prizes donated by businesses listed on the website.


Clickfind’s Carolyn King commented “Before researching the video, I had no idea that Aussies were behind innovations as widely used as the black box flight recorder, or that Australians were the first to codify the rules of football! I hope this video inspires everyone to keep thinking differently and turn their ideas into action.”


To watch the video, search for “Australian innovation” on YouTube, or follow the links below.

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Great prizes to be won! Aussie Competition Half a million!

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