Local Aussie search directory takes on the big guys

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Tuesday, 26 February 2008


Two IT professionals have gone up against Microsoft’s Mylocal and other giants. They’ve created a high quality Web2.0 Business Directory for Australia. http://www.clickfind.com.au was launched less than 3 months ago and is rapidly gaining momentum.

Clickfind already has 32,300 pages indexed in Google and its Alexa ranking (a measure of website traffic) has already passed that of some more established local competitors. Cheekily, clickfind have even published a directory comparison, highlighting where clickfind scores over its competitors.

 It’s about people, not technology

The owners’ IT experience goes way back. One of the owners designed screens for a forerunner to the Internet in the late 80’s, and the other has run IT companies in different countries over the last 13 years. Both have been working with the Internet since the early days of the world wide web.

Despite their IT background and use of latest web features, this is not an enterprise run by (or for) geeks. The focus is not on technology but on ease of use, clarity of information and extracting maximum benefit from other search engines.

Anyone visiting the site will immediately notice that there are no banner ads cluttering up the site and detracting from the business listings. There are lots of useful features – like localised searching, postcode finder, online chat and more – but these are designed to improve the experience for users, rather than to add the whizz-bang factor.

 Small and adaptable

Being small has definite advantages. It means the owners can focus on the tiny details that the big guys often neglect, like accessibility and quality of content. It also means they can put themselves in the shoes of the target market (small businesses), listen to what they want, and adapt to their needs.

Feedback and suggestions for improvement are actively encouraged. This is definitely an Australian business made for Australia that does its best to listen to what Australians want. The company is now focusing on attracting more good quality listings of Aussie businesses, products and services.

 The business has thus far been privately funded, but is looking to sell a 39% stake in order to continue to grow the business, as mentioned by Merger Market. The owners are also aiming to build mutually beneficial partnerships, and are currently negotiating with online community and business review site RAYV (www.rayv.com.au).


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Partnership with RAYV, the online business review directory Australian Business Directory Review

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