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January 30, 2008 at 4:22 am Leave a comment

Did you know that clickfind™ is a quality controlled search engine / business directory?


clickfind™ is not your average run of the mill search engine, we do things a little different compared to other directories and search engines. For us it is not about getting 1.3 million listings as quickly as possible, no, for us it is more about getting high quality listings on the site, listings that are of value to Australians looking for a business, products or service.

Every listing added or edited on clickfind™ triggers a notification that is send to all editors and administrators involved. The editor or administrator will then review the listing and rate it from 1 to 10.

Example; 0 bad, 2.5 not to bad, 5.0 average, 7.5 good, 10 excellent

We also reward members for well written listings. If a clickfind™ member has an average score of 7.0 or over, they get access to additional functionality and more exposure.

Listings are rated on the way they are written, grammar and the information presented.

A listing with one paragraph would most likely be rated between 1 and 3.5, a listing with several paragraphs of well written information about the business, product or service will most likely get a rating of 6.5 and up.

Something else a little different, is the fact that anyone can apply to be part of it all and help out. Our
developer’s directory explains more about how to help out and be part of a select group with rewarding benefits.

What will you not find on clickfind™?

You won’t find personal listings, recipes (unless someone is selling a cook book, which is a product), blogs, something outside of Australia, or anything else that is not a business, product or service. If you are after recipes you should use a web search engine like Google, which searches the whole Internet for your keywords.



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